Sensual Massage Reviews From Our Clients

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We told Sophia many times but please pass along this message to her again for us as well……we had a wonderful time with Sophia. What an amazing way to spend our anniversary. My wife has not stopped taking about her and we can’t wait to see her again. Thank you for your professionalism.

J & S

We have been talking about the whole experience. On behalf of both myself and and my husband, thank you! We both enjoyed ourselves and have difficulty identifying anything to improve. Max was professional and extremely attentive. The only thing we determined as an improvement opportunity was to have just a bit more light in the room. My husband and I would have liked my husband to be able to see a little more easily.
Stephanie & Michael

I had the best massage today that I’ve had in a long time. Working from home, I am sitting a lot at a desk which puts a lot of strain on my back. After the massage, my back pain is gone and I feel the most stress-free I’ve felt in a long time. Emilio is truly a gifted masseur and I can’t wait to come back for another session. A true professional!

Besides being beautiful, Sophia helped me so much. She’s both empathetic and a critical thinker. I was able to share what’s going on with me over the last few months–good friends & family dying. Stress from those losses is impacting my intimacy. Sophia helped me process my feelings and suggested some fantastic “next steps.” I’m grateful.

Sophia was great! My fiance and I had a wonderful time. She made us feel very comfortable. She was very professional. We really enjoyed the session and are definitely interested in booking another session in the future!
Jason & Cynthia

Thanks fir the great experience Sophia!!! Wow! I was completely blown away with you!

Sophia was great! She made feel welcomed. Her warmth and charming personality is something that definitely added to the experience.

It was fantastic, better than I expected.

To Sophia:
From Wife: Please let Sophia know that we had a really wonderful time. I literally had some dreams come true. We are looking forward to a next time.
From Husband: Just wanted to share that we had an amazing experience tonight and already planning our next visit 🙂
Please tell Sophia thank you so much for making us feel so comfortable and at ease. She made my wife feel like the center of the world and I am grateful to her both for that.

To Max and Sophia: 
My wife and I both enjoyed our session very much. I really don’t think either of us have anything negative to offer. We both appreciated the intro conversation and openness and were set at ease very quickly. It is very likely we will try to return next time we get a chance to be in Dallas. I think she and I both already have a little we would like to expand on next time. Thank you both for your time.

We have known for sometime that we wanted to do more things to keep it “spicy” in our relationship.  We had even discussed with each some of our fantasies.  But we really didn’t know how to begin pursuing those fantasies.  That is when we saw the ad for a Couples Sensual Massage.  Max and Sophia immediately made us feel comfortable about working with them to pursue our fantasies.  Our first experience together was nothing short of amazing.  Definitely knocked a few fantasies off the list.  We’ll be back for more!
Eric and Angelica

My wife passed away last year after a long fight with cancer.  As a result, I had been putting my own desires and needs on the back burner for a long time.  After she passed, it took me a while to even start thinking sensual thoughts again.  But once I did, I really didn’t know what to do with them.  I wasn’t really ready to start dating or “hooking up” with someone.  Finding Max & Sophia was just what I needed.  I have now had multiple sessions with them (both together and individually) and they have had a huge impact on my ability to just enjoy myself again.  But I have only scratched the surface of the desires and fantasies I have inside of me.  So, I know I’ll be seeing a lot more of Max & Sophia!
Steve M.

About thirteen years ago my wife found out that she had MS (multiple sclerosis).  As her condition has deteriorated, our ability to enjoy sexual relations together has also been impacted.  She has always wanted me to explore other options but I never really felt comfortable doing so.

About 3 months ago, I found out that I also have MS.  As a result, I decided I wanted to take advantage of whatever time I had left to enjoy whatever pleasures I can have.

Max and Sophia have truly been a blessing for me and my wife.  They have truly allowed us to explore our sexuality to the extent that we are capable.  As a result, we have now had experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives… and plan on continuing to create more experiences with Max and Sophia.

Pete M.

My wife and I are both in our early 40s, married nearly 20 years. We had only had one partner besides each other so not a lot of experience and especially never did or considered anything like this. We didn’t know what to expect but Max & Sophia did a tremendous job putting both of us at ease. We did the sensual couples ultimate massage and it was amazing. We definitely learned a lot from them and was a great experience for the wife and myself. Very grateful for the experience. It definitely kicked up our libido later that night! I wouldn’t hesitate giving this a shot one bit especially if you are a couple. Max and Sophia are good people.

I had a wonderful experience and will be back. Max was very thoughtful and did not make me uncomfortable. I wish I would had known of you years ago.

Emilio was fantastic – there aren’t enough stars in the sky for his rating. Very friendly and easy to talk with!

In every relationship there is always one person with a much stronger sex drive than their partner.  In my relationship, I am that person.  Fortunately, my husband realizes that and provides me with the freedom to pursue some of my own fantasies.  However, finding the right partners to pursue those fantasies with is an even bigger challenge.

During one of my “girls night out” evenings, my girlfriend told me about Max & Sophia.  She and her husband had already had a couple sessions with them and just raved about how awesome they were.  I was delighted to find out they offer services to singles as well.  I’ve always known that I had a bi-sexual side to me.  But never really had the right opportunity to explore that.  But now I have Max and Sophia… the perfect partners to explore all of my desires with.  I’ve now had sessions with them together and each individually and I always leave my sessions speechless!  I can only imagine what else I might want to try… but that is why they call them “fantasies”!

Jessica S.

Not sure how to leave a review but I want to say….thank you to Max for making me comfortable and making me feel sexy! I enjoyed every minute and am looking forward to our next session.

Emilio was amazing. His massage skills are top notch. You can tell he’s a professional and knows what he’s doing. This was my first time and he made me feel at ease immediately. I was offered a beverage, given a quick tour, and shown where I could place my things. He was extremely respectful and polite. His setup is soothing, conveniently located, perfectly lit and clean. He’s hot too. 🥵 I definitely got my money worth and will book again.

I am a single, professional that travels extensively in my work.  As a result, dating can be a difficult challenge for me.  However, my desire to be with a beautiful woman never goes away.  Finding Sophia has been a wonderful thing for me.  She provides me with the intimacy and sensuality I long for without the attachment and associated issues of a relationship.  But I do consider her a close friend and someone I trust with my inner-most desires.
Bob R.

I was a victim of abuse during my childhood years.  So, I have carried with me some sexual baggage that has affected all of my relationships up to this point.  Max and Sophia have just been wonderful to me.  Sophia and I have had some wonderful talks… and Max and I have had some wonderful sessions together to help me work through some of my issues.  He is such a kind and respectful man but also so sensual and passionate.  Max has helped me blossom into the sensual woman I deserve to be.  Just can’t say enough good things about them both!

Erica L.

Finding Max and Sophia has been a true blessing.  We’ve always talked about trying out a Couples Sensual Massage but, honestly, didn’t know how each of us would feel about it.  I guess we’re like most couples and jealously does sometimes rear it’s ugly head.  Max and Sophia provided a safe environment for us to practice dealing with our jealousy and fears.  They also showed us some awesome new things to try on each other.  They are so sexy, fun and smart and we consider them our friends.

Rachel and Jose

Goldie and I are high school sweethearts who have been married for over 20 years.  As a result, we never really had the chance to “play the field”.  We are madly in love with each other but knew there was a side to us that was curious and unfulfilled.  We had talked about giving each other a “hall pass” before but finding the right people to do that with can be challenging.  After having our first “Couples Sensual Massage” with Max and Sophia, we knew they were the right ones to experiment with.  So, we discussed it with them and they were completely open to helping us fulfill our fantasies.  We have each had a couple sessions with Max and Sophia respectively and we always sit down and talk about it afterwards.  It has just been an amazing experience and we are so thankful to have found them.  We look forward to exploring more fantasies with them.
Matt and Goldie

My partner and I had always wanted to explore our bi-sexuality.  We both knew we had that side to us but never really had the right partners to explore that with.  After talking with Max and Sophia, it was clear we had found the right partners.  Since they are both so comfortable with their sexuality… it made it very easy for us to open up to them.  As a result, our sessions together have been unbelievably sexy and liberating.  Thank you Max and Sophia for everything you have done for us.
James and Tisha

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